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Why are we always at Orchard Rd when we're broke?

Orchard rd is expensive. My dad wanted to stay at Orchard rd. When we had a family reunion in the Philippines, everybody was talking about hotels we should try at Orchard rd. I looked them up & it was not cheap. What is up with Filipino's fascination with Orchard rd? I guess all Pinoys love to shop even if everybody is supposed to be poor. 

Highlights: Neat architecture & interiors
Cast of Characters: Me, Mel, Dy, Kih & Noems
Logistics/ Links: some info
When: we went early November, 2011
Location: Orchard rd., Singapore
Cost: $$$$
Trip ReportWe walked around the place for maybe a whole afternoon, came back again 2 days later or something. Went to some super expensive stores, looked around, left. I love shopping but I don't really like it when I'm out traveling cause I'd rather spend my money on attractions unique to that country. Its not my cup if tea but I guess its fine if everybody else has a good time.
Canopy by MRT station


Chilling out at a shawarma shop

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