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Island hopping: El Nido Tour B

My first day when I realized I was dropped off at the wrong beach (Corong Corong), I decided to go out & find El Nido. Lugadia staff called a tricycle for me (which took about 10 mins). I hopped onto the 15min tricycle ride to El Nido town. I walked around the beach & ended up chatting with this friendly local lady. She wanted me to join their company's boat tours. I told her I'll walk around & decide later. She helped me try to find good, cheap lodging. She introduced me to the super friendly (gaaahhh! Everyone is friendly around here! What do they eat?!?!) staff of Alternative Inn. Mang Jun said they were completely booked but he invites me to join their boat tours. He offered me P100 off each of their boat tours. I'm in! He told me to come back the next day, the boat tour leaves at 9am. All the boat tours leave at 9am.

Next morning I got some breakfast & set off for Alternative. I waited for a little bit for some fellow travelers. They finally arrived & after a bit of introductions we were ready to go. My fellow travelers waded through the crashing waves for the boat. Mang Jun told me to wait for his signal for the perfect wave timing so I wouldn't have to get swept away. They are sooo nice!  I got to the boat & and off we went for a beautiful, perfect day of island hopping.

Highlights: Snake island, grilled seafood, pitcher plants, caves, dramatic limestone cliff formations all around, beautiful beach
Cast of Characters: Moi, the Czech Republic crew: Martynna, Michelle & Michelle, Mira
Logistics/ Links: No need for links. You just go to El Nido town & you'll find boat tours almost shoved at your face. Well, not really shoved because people are nice. Its easy enough to arrange though. I went with Alternative Inn for their boat trips.
When: First week of December, 2011. It was the perfect day (although the following day it was raining hard)
Location: El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Cost: Tour B is sold everywhere for P800 I believe
Trip Report:   Ahhhhh!!! Its sooo beautiful!!!! It seems every day I went out on these boat trips, the foreigners I travel with keep saying 'Paradise'. Of course I know Philippines in general is less than utopic, but El Nido will definitely make you forget all of the other problems of the country. Its super super gorgeous!!!! I thought Alternative did a top notch job with their boat trips (a German traveler I met says their lodge is not good though). I went with them for all 3 tours & they were excellent (see food pic below). Mang Larry was our guide for all the tours. He made sure everybody knew all the safety precautions, gear needed & anything else you need or want to know about the destinations. I love them! Anyway, this is not an ad for them. I had a truly wonderful, memorable time. El Nido is AMAZING (if the weather cooperates)!!!!

My Czech friends said they went beach camping on this island. They were raving about it the whoole day. They were saying how there was a zillion stars in the sky & there was phosphorescent planktons in the water that made it look like there's stars in the water too. Aaaaggghhh!!!! I'm definitely going to try the beach camping someday! I heard you'll see the planktons around December. They went with Ricsons for the beach camping. The crew brought guitars & they had awesome live music for entertainment. Nice!!

Gumamela flower. When we were kids we used to crush this & make bubbles out of the sap. Did not work very well.

These beach side picnics are AWESOME!!!

Nomnomnom. I swear Mang Larry went to some food presentation school.

Mira & Martyynna on the Snake Island beach.

Boatman thinking "I am so sick of going out here every single day. I wish I could win the lottery &...hmmm...go out here everyday!"

I did not know Philippines had these interesting pitcher plants!

Soooo freaking amazing!!!!

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