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My own beach front nipa hut at Corong Corong

Coming from Puerto Princesa, I arrived via bus at El Nido. I haven't even gotten off the bus when a fellow passenger was already selling me this lodge at Corong Corong. I had no hotel reservations, I had no idea what El Nido is like. I told him I wasn't sure & I'll have to look around. The bus stopped at a deserted parking area in the middle of nowhere. It didn't go to El Nido town proper. I was thinking- "Where's all the tourists and beach resorts? Where's the beach??". I got into a tricycle & asked to be brought to El Nido (referred to by locals as 'bayan' or town). They took me to Corong Corong.

Highlights: Your own stretch of isolated beach. I heard they have a great sunset here.
Cast of Characters: just me
Logistics/ Links: *Update 05/2013- Lugadia cottage phone: 0919-572-6372. Don't know if this is still their number, but you can check. Let me know if its different.

When: Early December, 2011. If you're lucky, the weather will be nice. With global warming or El Nino- the weather is so unpredictable. Late December Palawan got hit by heavy rains.
Location: Lugadia Beach cottage, Corong Corong, Palawan. About 15mins from El Nido town. They only have a few cottages, if you're lucky like me- you can snag one of the two beach front ones. Good luck finding a beach front hut at El Nido.
Cost: $14/night for your own little nipa hut with private bathroom. Rates could go up around Christmas holiday season. Make sure you negotiate.
Trip Report:  I thought Corong Corong was nice. Its very quiet. If you have a good book, this is the perfect place to relax after a couple of days of island hopping. I think its better for older couples maybe since El Nido seems to draw a much younger crowd. I looved my beach hut!!! I was traveling around a couple of beaches in Cebu & could not find my perfect beach front hut- I found it in Corong Corong. Right in front of the beach- check, hammock- check, drinks- check!


Deserted beach at Corong Corong. The owner is lovely, she's very friendly. We like!

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