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The Pyramids

Our first day of sightseeing was a whirlwind blur of magnificent ancient Egypt. We went to the Egyptian museum & then to the Pyramids in Giza. It was a pretty amazing sight. I was holding back my excitement because I was surrounded by my tour mates who were all acting cool & unimpressed. If I went with my family, we'll probably all be squealing, running & jumping around all over the place. 

Highlights: Climbing on the massive stone blocks of the pyramids.
Cast of Characters: Our Egypt tour crew. 
Logistics/ Links: Some bits from wikitravel
Location: Less than an hour away from Cairo. 
When: We went early April, 2008. It was the perfect time to go.
Cost: This was part of our tour with G Adventures. The entrance was 50LE back then.
Trip Report: I would put this and all the grandiose temples of Egypt on the list of places to see before you die. So save up your money & just go. Skip the same old vacation spots & just go here. Maybe when its a bit more stable. The pyramids are spread out in a large desert area next to the city of Giza. A lot of people travel the area in tourist buses. There's also some camel rides available or horse drawn carriages. We were in a tourist bus. We explored the pyramids for a bit then set out to a nice little viewpoint for more pictures.

You can't actually climb up the pyramids. You can go a few levels up but further than that, the tourists police will start blasting their whistle at you.

Me on the pyramids!

People lining up to go inside the tomb. There's really nothing much to see inside, just empty chambers. They relocated the contents to the Egyptian museum.



We were told that only one of the pyramids located in Giza is a World Wonder. The other 2 big ones didn't make it. Women in major Egyptian cities wore colorful head covers & tight fitting long sleeve shirts. I don't know how they do it, its so hot!
They buried everything with those pharoahs. Including their own full sized ship for their afterlife. Crazy! They unearthed the ship & placed it into a museum. This was next to the pyramids.
Cemetery next to the pyramid. We went inside the smaller tomb. We got tomb legs. It was a short climb down but I was so out of shape my legs were all achy the next day. The passage ways and stairs were so steep and narrow.
Jack & Lewis exploring the small empty chamber

Sphynx temple. Everything was granite.

Weeehh! Sphynx kuno. You can't see the paws and the tail wrapped around the Sphynx below.

Queen Stephanie
Every few hours the whole city will have religious hymns blaring through every single speaker. Sounds like awful karaoke but feels very much alive.

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