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Quick detour through Sto Nino Basilica

So I had a little bit of time to burn in Cebu before heading out to Palawan. I decided to just go through the attractions list in Lonely Planet (here on referred to as 'the book'). Wandered my way around some bustling historical sites around the city. Hopped on a taxi, hoping to blend in by going to some place locals frequent- I said "Sto. Nino Basilica". Off we go.

Highlights: Hmm...not really sure. I wasn't too excited about the church. I guess being a part of Cebu's history, I felt like I had to at least see it. Maybe people watching would be the highlight of this excursion. There's so much life & activity around the place.
Cast of Characters: Me, myself & I
Logistics/ Links: some info from their site
When: I went late November, 2011. It was pleasant. A bit warm but not super bad. Fine day to explore the city.
Location: Cebu City, Philippines
Cost: free
Trip ReportUnless you're going to church there, I thought it was a tourist trap. If you're interested in history, you should go though. Architecture was not too exciting. Still makes a decent day trip for seeing Cebu City. You can get a cab here, then walk to Magellan's cross then the old fort a few minutes away. I don't like taxi cities because its expensive. And Cebu is one expensive taxi city.
Sto. Nino Casilica Church entrance

Nice, peaceful park inside

School kids being brain

Philippines: Colonized by Spanish then Americans then Angry birds.

Little park inside the church grounds

Angel choirs singing "....aaaahhhhh...."


Church corridors

Wonderful colors of the Philippines!

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