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20min run through Singapore's Buddha tooth relic temple

Our tour bus gave us exactly 30mins to explore China town in Singapore. The guide made it clear the city tour is just a little preview of the places so we can come back at a later time to see all the highlights the guide points out. Very good. 

Highlights: I thought this temple was very, very cool. I have never seen a group of Buddhists chanting & praying together. Seeing & hearing them was quite exotic for me. Great architecture, marvelous details- awesome overall!
Cast of Characters: Moi, Kih, Noems, Dy & Mel.
Logistics/ Links: their website
When: We went early November, 2011. It was hot & humid. I think its always hot & humid in Singapore.
Location: See website
Cost: free!
Trip Report:  20 mins well worth it! Although it would be nice if we had at least an hour for the area. Make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.

Around Chinatown

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