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Bumming around El Nido

El Nido has got to be my favorite traveler town in the far, because I've only been to a few. Its quiet, small, walkable, people are cool. My Czech friends have only been there for less than a week but they already know the whole town. Live band places like Ricsons & Balay Tubay & afterwards the only club in town were their frequent hangouts. I quickly discovered that if I want to see the world I cannot afford to go out every night. Sigh.

Highlights: Not too many backpacker places in the Philippines. El Nido is one of few. I love the vibe in this small town. 
Cast of Characters: Went to El Nido alone but I ended up making many friends during my stay. It was really nice.
Logistics/ Links: here's a little bit of info from Wikitravel.
When: I went early December. It rained the second day I was there (which totally ruined the island hopping trip. Waaahhhhh!!!). Its pleasant in december though. If you're not going island hopping, the rain is ok. You can relax in your hotel room or nipa hut & just read a book.
Location: Palawan, Philippines
Cost: Meals are about $5 at restaurants. Hotel rooms from $15. Island hopping/ day about $19. Bottle of run is $1, liter of coke is about $2.
Trip ReportThe dramatic seascapes aside, the town of El Nido is very charming. I could easily spend a week bumming around the place. Spend 3 days island hopping. Spend a few days relaxing with a book. Maybe spend a night or 2 in Corong2x. Go beach camping. At night if you like live music, just head out to where the local band is. If you still have energy, go to the club afterwards. A week in paradise can be expensive though. I recommend trying to find a place where you can cook your own meals & just gathering friends at your place for drinks instead of going out. I heart El Nido!

Beach front scene at El Nido

Small little streets around town. I sure hope this place does not  become an overdeveloped version of Boracay.

Mang Jun's daughters playing sungka at the nests in Alternative Inn.

I love the local bands they have. The music is always good!

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