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Hiwang Village detour at Banaue

Our tricycle struggled to move up the mountain. It was raining, the roads were muddy. After maybe 20 mins, we made it to Hiwang Village. I didn't really know what to expect. I guess I was imagining some locals milling about, going on with their routine. I didn't know the place was like an open air museum of traditional Ifugao huts (that you can rent). Abner & I spent maybe 30mins around here just taking pictures of the place then head back out to Banaue. 

Highlights: I found all the decorations of the huts to be very interesting. They didn't have this much at the other traditional huts I've seen in Baguio & Bontoc.
Cast of Characters: My guide Abner & myself
Logistics/ Links: don't need one. To get here, just ask around Banaue if one of the tricycle drivers passing by can take you up here. I would not do it with the published prices they have at the Banaue tourist office.
When: I went here late November, 2011. It was drizzling. Ugh. It was a bit cold for me.
Location: Hiwang village seems like it was half an hour tricycle ride from the small town of Banaue.
Cost: I paid P450/$10.5 for a trip here & to the 3 Banaue viewpoints. They have an entrance fee of P20/$0.50. You can stay at the huts for a min of P1000/$23 per night for a group of 5 or something.
Trip Report:  Its a nice, well landscaped little open air museum. If you have the chance to visit Bontoc museum or Tam-awan village in Baguio, this will not be worth the trip. The Bontoc museum offers a richer experience, same for Tam-awan village. The overnight stay might be interesting. They have this tiny little fireplace inside the hut. Might be exciting to see if you can burn the place down or not.

My guide Abner

Misty village of Hiwang

Fireplace inside the hut

Animal skulls signifying wealth of the homeowner

Japanese invaders that failed to take over the place

Mountain spirits

I see you!!!

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