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Island hopping: El Nido Tour C

Oooomigood! Its a tie between A & C. Although I saw tour A at the crappiest weather conditions possible, the beauty of the places we saw was still undeniable. On my third day at El Nido, I joined the crew of Alternative for their tour C of Bacuit archipelago. Its amazing!!!

Highlights: Hidden coves, beautiful secluded islands, gorgeous seascapes, fresh grilled seafood!
Cast of Characters: Our guide Mang Larry, Swiss-Germans Thomas & Philip, Shanghainese couple
Logistics/ Links: 
When: I went early December, 2011. It was still raining in the country. I recommend going in summer. Sure the heat is going to kill you when power is out, but you're guaranteed beautiful sunshine while exploring the refreshing waters of the islands.
Location: El Nido, Palawan Philippines. Bacuit archipelago.
Cost: P900/$21 for the island hopping trip, lunch. Snorkeling gear is extra $1. I brought my own, thanks Mel. The trip is from 9am till about 5pm.
Trip Report Sooo beautiful! All the tour boats pretty much visit the same spots. If you only have 2 days in El Nido- do tour A & C. Pictures just do not do the place justice.

We went to one of the hidden beaches where during high tide, the water gets trapped inside the cove & makes this little lagoon. Mang Larry says the water has 2 temperatures. The water that gets trapped sort of cools down. When the tourists come in to take a dip the water gets...erm...warmer. Shanghainese girl asks why one part is cold & the other is warm. Larry & I look at each other & bust out laughing.

We parked our boat & waded in to get into the hidden coves.

"The Beach" movie setting could have been this one. There was another spot- the hidden beach or something. You had to swim through a small hole in the limestone cliff walls to get through. Since the weather was bad just recently, the waves were pounding the area. Our guide Mang Larry thought it was unsafe to go in, sigh! He said it was like a washing machine over there. You would have to go on the 8th wave & you have only 15 seconds to go swim in (something like that). My family went there a while back & they could not stop talking about it. Waaahhh! I definitely need to go back. Anyway, the picture above- it would make for a perfect camping spot except there's sandflies.

My Chinese fellow travelers who needed life vests at 2 feet of water.

Fish feeding was fun

Gorgeousness!!!! There's an abandoned island with a church, house & a little museum. I climbed to the top of one of the steps.

Ahhhhh!!! Life is good.

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