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Island hopping: El Nido Tour A

The weather was awful on my second day at El Nido. My dorm-mates had the whole week in town so they had the luxury of skipping island hopping on bad weather days. I didn't. I was scheduled for island hopping with Alternative. If you're wondering which tour is better- tour A or C. Among the guides, it seems a general consensus that tour C is the best. For the crappy weather, they scheduled us for tour A. Honestly though, I think A & C are both equally amazing!!!

Highlights: The lagoons! My camera battery died just as we were getting closer to the lagoons. I had trouble charging because electricity is always out in El Nido. The lagoons were beautiful!
Cast of Characters: me, the Swiss/ German folks Thomas & Philip, Shanghainese couple & staff of Alternative
Logistics/ Links: no links needed. I'll have to create a little post on what to pack for the island hopping though. I did my boat trips with Alternative Inn. Mang Larry is an excellent boat guide!
When: Early Dec, 2011. Bah! I thought rainy season would be over by now. Climate change is not so subtle in the islands. It was raining my second day. Fortunately, it cleared up later in the afternoon. If it rains while you're there- the boat ride can be freezing! Mang Jun lent me a poncho to help against the wind & rain (they are so nice!). Bring something to keep you warm. 
Location: El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Cost: The price is based off of the distance of the islands. The farther the tour is the more expensive it gets, only by a few bucks though. Tour A costs Php700/~$16 for the whole day(9am-4/5pm) island hopping with fresh grilled seafood lunch. Snorkeling gear is extra $1 I think.
Trip Report: My pictures are crap & do not do the place justice so you'll have to visit the place yourself. A fellow traveler Torsten highly recommends going on the Tao trips tour. I couldn't, it costs too much. I love El Nido. Tour A was beautiful! I love the lagoons! We encountered some tourists who were dropped off by a bigger boat & kayaked around the place (perfect way to experience tour A). After seeing Halong Bay (full of trash), I just hope Palawan remains clean despite increasing numbers of tourists.

This image reminds me of Halong Bay in Vietnam. There are way more karst mountains in Vietnam (but they don't have the nice beaches & their water is full of trash).  

Soo pretty!!!

Underwater life

Some electric blue fishies amidst the underwater coral cemetery

More fishies. I'm gonna blame the bad weather for my lack of nice above-water pictures


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