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Amazing Maha Aung Mye Bonzan temple

This is one of the coolest places ever!!!! It´s one of the stops in the Inwa island horse cart tour. It is just awesome. It makes me think of Lara Croft tomb raider type stuff. The ground floor is a series of column foundations supporting the building. Inside is a Buddha statue that was closed off while I was there. Walking around the place is just AMAZING.

Highlights: Magnificent architecture! There was hardly anybody there so I really felt like Lara Croft, lol! This is one of the finest examples of Myanmar architecture. I went to Cambodia & I saw some similarities with the details. This definitely beats the Angkor Wat temples by far (dunno if its because of the the Cambodia temples are in ruins whereas this is in excellent shape).
Cast of Characters: Just me. Its always more fun to travel with company but if you find yourself deciding between traveling by yourself or not going at all- definitely go.
Logistics/ Links:
When: I went mid-February, 2012. Inwa island was beautiful! Weather was nice.
Location: One of the stops at Inwa island, Mandalay, Myanmar.
Cost: coming soon! They do look for the tourist attractions card at this place.
Trip Report: (Reporting live from Lima, Peru right now. There´s a guy across from me that is just snoring so loudly!!! How could he sleep at an internet cafe?! They´re charging you by the hour!) Anyway, the whole Inwa island trip is the highlight of the Mandalay city tour. I like Mandalay because the main way of getting around is by motor bike- perfect for solo travelers like me. I´m rambling. Actually, you get to this spot by the horse cart ride. Do not walk the island of Inwa. You´ll die from dust & dehydration.

I was imagining some sort of mythical creature chasing me around the tunnels, lol. Channeling my inner Lara Croft

There was a little kid that was following me around wanting to be my tour guide. I just walked around in circles for about 3x till he got the point & left. He followed some other tourists instead.

Love this place!

Very, very cool!


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