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I heart Hoi An

Hoi An is definitely up there in my list of favorite places in the world. It is pretty touristy but you still get to experience a bit of how life is like for locals. Its peaceful, lively & just wonderful. Unfortunately, its also one of those places that is more romantic or geared towards groups. I did not see too many solo travelers. It sucks when everybody around you is just holding hands or laughing in groups. Pssh! I still enjoyed the place nonetheless.

Highlights: Beautiful architecture at old town. It was an awesome experience just strolling up & down the city streets. The clothes! They have some beautiful jackets that you can get custom tailor fitted for about $25-$35. Great evening scene. They have some liver performances, music, street food dining. I love Hoi An! 
Cast of Characters: Just me. The place is a bit romantic like I mentioned earlier. I'm gonna try to avoid romantic places from now on.
Logistics/ Links: Wikitravel link.
When: I went early March, 2012. It was nice! A bit cool so I needed my light sweater.
Location: Hoi An, Vietnam.
Cost: Food here is a bit more costly being a tourist town- about $5-6/ meal. You can get your own private room with bathroom & wifi for about $10/ night. You actually do not need to go out on tours. The whole town is walkable so you save money on that. There is a tourist attractions ticket fee for about $5 which gets you in about 5 heritage sites.
Trip Report: This is a great place to practice night photography. If you need a place for R&R, this would be perfect. I enjoyed the northern part of Vietnam starting from this city. The southern part I thought was only ok (unless you're a big war/history fan). I can't say it enough- I love this place!

On the first day in town, I explored the place by bike. I think its best to just explore on foot.


Old Japanese bridge. There's a lot of conservation efforts from Japan helping to preserve the place, its great.

Nice little bridge in the middle of town

This old lady just hangs out on her boat all day & just waits for tourists to take her picture & give her tips for it!

Very cool

River market

Awesome clothes everywhere. Feel free to bring a photo or pattern of an outfit you want & have them make it here for cheap

There's lanterns & birds in wooden cages everywhere

This is a very interesting bike. I don't know how it works but she does not use a foot pedal, just her hands

I love their tiny little alleys like these

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