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Biking around Siwa

 Biking around Siwa is one of my favorite Egypt moments. The place does feel like an exotic desert oasis with all the palm trees & ancient ruins. We started our day early, our guide got us our bikes. We tested it out for a little bit before we all set off.

Highlights: It seems like we saw a bunch of stuff in our whole day bike ride. I especially enjoyed hanging out at Tanta Waa cafe by Cleopatra's spring. They had some awesome music & excellent beverages. No alcohol though! No alcohol allowed at Siwa (dun dun dun duuuunnn). 
Cast of Characters: my fellow tour mates
Logistics/ Links: here's some posts I wrote on the temples we saw during our bike ride--> Umm Ubayda temple, Exploring the mystical temple of the Oracle, Hiking a necropolis: Mountain of the dead
When: I went April, 2008. Ahh, good times.
Location: Siwa oasis, Egypt.
Cost: The bike ride was part of my tour with G Adventures. I think I paid around $1200 for the 16 day tour.
Trip Report: This is lots of fun (provided you know where you're going). Take a map with all the sites, bring lots of water & just start pedaling. My fellow tour mate kept going on about how we're so close to Libya (from Siwa). They kept mentioning land mines too. Then while we were biking, we heard this LOUD explosion! We were all startled & turned around towards the noise. Turns out one of the bicycle tires of my tour mate exploded. Phew.
Bicycle path

Siwa bike ride

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