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Border crossing from Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus

Yeah folks! Here's the story of how we got scammed, lol! I found the border crossing fairly easy (if you don't stress out too much about getting scammed that is).  

Highlights: The thought of seeing Siem Reap. See below for a bit of info on the border crossing.
Cast of Characters: me, Paola & an American couple
Logistics/ Links: 
When: late February 2012. I traveled during the day as the border immigration offices close at night.
Location: Bangkok, Thailand to Siem Reap, Cambodia border crossing
BTS to Mochit exit- $1.40
Bus to Aranyaprathet/ Siem Reap border-$7.18
taxi + tuk-tuk to hotel- $20
Trip Report:
Before you go:
- Better to have your Cambodian visa already instead of arranging at the border. This might save you $10 from visa scams.
- Find taxi buddies while on your bus ride to the border. 4 passengers/ taxi

1) Take the BTS to Mochit exit (very last northern BTS exit)- cost around $1.50

2) When you arrive at the BTS terminal, there are 2 exit stairs. Pick the east exit leading to Chatuchak park.

3) There's a number of buses passing by. Hop onto #3 or #77. These will lead you to the north bus terminal. I don't think I was charged for this bus ride. I don't know if its free or how much it costs if not. I also made sure to tell the bus driver I wanted to go to north bus terminal.

4) I don't recommend attempting to walk from Mochit exit to north bus terminal with your backpack.

5) The bus will drop you off at a pedestrian walkway. You'll need to walk a bit to get to the North bus terminal ticket booths (the one for Siem Reap is inside the bldg).

6) Buy your ticket for Aranyaprathet (a.k.a. Siem Reap border)- cost around $7.50

7) Enjoy the 4-5 hr bus ride.

We did not even go to Rongklua market or anything. We were dropped off right by the border at this new office bldg (Thai side). We were greeted by guys who said they will arrange our transportation/ visas to Siem Reap. This is where we got scammed for an extra $5. The whole process is so smooth it makes you think that's the only official way to get to Siem Reap. They told us there are no more public buses. I don't know if that's true. We arrived around 4pm.

8) When you arrive, head to the immigration control borders of Thailand & Cambodia. It's easy enough to ask around or just follow the crowds.

9) Get stamped out/in. 

10) There will be plenty of transportation offers. Taxis (Cambodian side) I believe are about $60 good for 4 people. It was like a 2 hr drive to Siem Reap.

  I don't know if I'll be able to do this drive on a motorbike (esp if you have a giant backpack). The pick up trucks reminded me of clown cars where they have clown after clown coming out of a tiny little car.
 We fell prey to the $5 more per person taxi scam, and we still had to wait about half an hour to find one last person to join us. The taxi will not leave unless its full. One American guy we were with was just so angry he was cussing out everyone. $5 is not worth high blood pressure for me.
  When we got to Siem Reap we were transferred to tuk-tuks that took us to our hotels. This is free & included in the taxi fare.

11) Enjoy your stay in Siem Reap. 

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