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Camel ride into the desert

Yes I have been on a camel ride. It was awesome! A bit scary because of the height, but awesome!

Highlights: Camel ride!
Cast of Characters: the tour crew
Logistics/ Links: can get a camel ride anywhere in Egypt. The ones at the pyramids might be more expensive though.
When: I went mid-April, 2008. It was always cloudy! Nice weather though. It drizzled a bit.
Location: somewhere in Egypt
Cost: This was part of our tour with G Adventures.
Trip Report: The camel ride took about 2hrs. We just rode out to the desert, saw some villages all painted in blue (which we later visited). Saw an ancient monastery. It was pretty cool. While we were at the pyramids, our guide informed us that our tour has an included camel ride later on. So we just held out for this one. When the camel ride was done, we waited for our boat to take us back.

Our camel caravan heading out to the desert. Those camels are freakishly tall! I was constantly afraid of falling over.


There's camel poo everywhere!!! I was wondering- how can these pigeons survive out here?! And then I realized they feed off of the camel poo. The entire desert was covered with poo.

Hanging out by the Nile.

Yeey! Me riding my camel at some Egyptian desert. Some places serve camel stew.

There was an ancient monastery on the way. To get to it, you have to go down this steep little canyon. It looks too far. We didn't venture out. Not sure if its open.

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