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Mekong Delta tour day 2: Exploring Chau Doc

I woke up early & joined Sonia & Thomas for breakfast by the river. It was mad chaos at the breakfast area. We have all of our things ready. It turns out I'm the only one who's going on the 3 day tour. I constantly ask the guide on what I'm supposed to do so they won't forget me. A guy yells around to ask who wants to change their money. I call him over & get my money changed...into rial! Aghk! Good thing Sonia's breakfast had settled in, she reminded us I probably wanted dong. Lol!

Highlights: Learning about locals livelihood. Ok, it was kinda boring but still educational. Its good to keep learning things. Phuoc Dien temple was very cool.
Cast of Characters:
Just me. I did meet 2 nice folks from Hong Kong- Sonia & Thomas. There were a lot of tourists. They split up the the tourists into ~20 each group. It was ok. There's a lot of people but you get to chat with a few more folks & make a bit more friends even if its just for the day.  
Logistics/ Links: I went with Delta Adventure tours. They have border crossings everyday. I took the 3 day Mekong delta tour. See also my post on Mekong Delta tour day 1, day 3
When:  I went early March, 2012. The weather was a bit warm. Not too unpleasant.
Chau Doc, Vietnam.  
Cost: The total for the 3 day tour is $60. This includes transportation, hotels, breakfast (no drinks) for 2 days, various tours and activities.
Trip Report: Their brochure is deceiving. When they say 'You'll visit an ancient mosque & learn about their history blah blah'- all it really means is that you'll get to see outside of the building while the guide gives a little background info on the place. After breakfast, we hopped on to the tour boat and explored the villages nearby. We got to see rice farms, fish farms, a mosque & a nice temple. The tour lasted about 4 hrs or so.

The folks on the 2 day tour are taking their bus we were on to go to HCMH. So they dropped me off at the hotel. The guide explained to me that another shuttle will pick e up & take me to Can Tho for the 3rd day tour. Ok. I said goodbye to everyone & went to the hotel to wait.

The shuttle arrived shortly & dropped me off at the bus station. At this point, I was pretty much on my own. I had no guide. I don't think they spoke English, but somehow my bus ticket was there. I met a nice Japanese lady who has been living in Cambodia for the past 12 yrs (actually she refers to herself as Cambodian now). We waited for the 11am bus to Can Tho. She gave me a small piece of sweet potato. Mmm! I was soo hungry by then! The bus ride was about 4hrs or something. We had a small stopover & I had my first official Vietnamese pho bowl. Agghh!!! The ones in US taste better!!!

When the bus arrived at Can Tho. I was at a loss again. Ok, what to do? There were some guys offering motorbike transport to hotel. I kept saying Delta Adventures tour. Some guy just scribbled something on a piece of paper & the motorbike driver told me 'Ok! Ok!' & motioned for me to follow him. ???. I have no clue how the tour company got this all together but it seems to be working so, fine.

The motorbike driver dropped me off at the wrong hotel. But they seem to know where I'm supposed to go so they pointed us at the right direction. When I got to the right hotel, the place looked dark, closed & abandoned. Hmmm. Ok. I spoke to the reception about being on the tour. They made some phone calls & checked me in. I ended up paying the motorbike driver. This was annoying since all transfers are supposed to be included. I went to my room & relaxed. I remembered seeing a KFC on the way to the hotel. Hehehe. I ventured off to my first experience of motorbike hell that is Vietnamese traffic, all for KFC.

Sunrise at the Mekong Delta
This is what your breakfast is going to look like everyday in Cambodia & Vietnam

Mosque at a Cham village. The mosque is off limits. Bleh.

We went to visit rice farms

Sonia at the Mekong delta

Fish farm. They have little pods where different fishies are at various stages of growth.

This was very cool. We went to a fish farm & watched the folks haul off the fish for the market.

Floating fishing villages at Mekong delta

At Phuoc Dien temple with Sonia
Chau Doc bus terminal

My bus to Can Tho from Chau Doc. This was the comfiest bus ride I have ever had in Asia.
Motorbike onslaught in Can Tho

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