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Checking out Fort San Pedro

If you find yourself with a spare day in Cebu while waiting for that flight, might as well go about town & see the historical sites. Its pretty good its all walking distance from each other. I hailed a cab (I hate taxi towns- so expensive!) & asked to be brought to the Sto Nino Basilica church. From there I also checked out Magellan's cross & walked a few minutes to get to Fort San Pedro.

Highlights: Maybe the interesting history? I didn't find the fort extremely interesting.
Cast of Characters: just me. I did meet some locals who kept asking if I was an artist (?!).
Logistics/ Links: here's some more info.
When: I went late November. Weather was nice.
Location: about 10 minute walk from Sto Nino Basilica church. Cebu City, Philippines
Cost: Php30/ $0.70
Trip Report: It was alright. The fort is a bit small. Not too interesting I thought. Might as well see it if you have time to burn. 

Whoa! Thought I was in Mexico for a second here

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