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Self portraits at the Black Beach

Puerto Viejo is a pretty small, quiet town on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. You'll know you're there when you see Bob Marley & dreadlocks everywhere. It's a cool place! I think it should be on people's itinerary for chill out spots. 

Highlights: Surfing, black sand beach, good restaurants
Cast of Characters: the tour crew
Logistics/ Links: Puerto Viejo was a stop on our tour with G Adventures. Here's some wikitravel info. Here's a company that offers surfing lessons, although when you get there its very easy to find instructors.
When: We went end of Dec 2008/ early Jan 2009. It was incredibly humid. The air felt soo heavy from the humidity. Forget about having enough time to air dry your clothes.
Location: Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
Cost: free to enjoy the beach
Trip Report: Surfing is harder than it looks, definitely not for me. This town is so laid back & quiet,I wanna retire here!
Small surfing/ hippie town of Puerto Viejo

The crew chilling out


Steve & his portrait of me

My true to life portrait of Steve. Complete with all of his chins & moobs. Lol! Kidding

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