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The creaky but beautiful Bagaya Monastery

I love Myanmar! How can I forget Bagaya monastery. I was walking around the place when I met some wonderful monks. No monks in the Philippines so I just thought this was the coolest thing ever! I asked to take their picture & before you know it, a few days later I was having tea & lunch with them. Sundara speaks very good english so I was able to get to know him better than the others. He seems to the embodiment of a wise, serene, spiritual monk (except for the smoking part).

Highlights: Beautiful monastery! Love the architecture. Meeting the monks!
Cast of Characters: I was exploring the place by myself. Sundara & his friends were also tourists for the day. They just finished some major exams & are taking a break by visiting some tourist attractions as well.
Logistics/ Links: see picture below for some background
When: I went around mid-Feb, 2012. It was a lovely day for exploring Inwa. A bit on the warmer side.
Location: You can explore Inwe as a part of a day tour from Mandalay city. Its a bit of a motor bike ride away. The monastery is part of the Inwa island tour. I saw some tourists attempting to walk the island- not a very good idea. The attractions are spread out & far!
Cost: coming soon. You need to pay for the boat ride, the horse cart, you´ll need the Mandalay tourist attractions fee...etc.
Trip Report: The building is beautiful! Walking around you can hear the floor creak like its just gonna collapse any minute (similar to the leaning tower of Inwa). If this was in some developed country, they would probably have closed the place down for restoration. I love all the palm trees! The whole island of Inwa makes me think of the romanticized version of Mandalay. Mandalay city itself looks just like every other town in Asia, but the island is beautiful!


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