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Dancing around the campfire at Egypt's White desert

We drove through the Western Desert for days. This is my first introduction to long haul overlanding. Sorry, most of the pictures here aren't mine. Anyway, we drove out to the western desert from Baharia. We got to the camp site late afternoon. Everybody just spread out and explored the desert. It was super windy! Reminded me of being by the beach. We could only see mushrooming odd shapes of limestone formations for miles. Yeah, we were pretty much the only people out in the middle of nowhere.

Highlights: Out of this world alien-like landscape. Dancing & singing around the campfire to the beat of Egyptian music. Shisha & mint tea in the desert. Wonderful company most of all!
Cast of Characters: tour crew
Logistics/ Links: This was part of our tour with G Adventures. There are some companies that offer the package from Baharia.

When: We went in mid-April,2008. It was the perfect weather. Not cold, not hot. Very nice.
Location: Western desert of Egypt
Cost: I'm pretty sure Egypt is a deal right now. The tour I took above is even cheaper now than it was when I went.
Trip Report: This is definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Everybody going to Egypt should make this part of their itinerary. Recommended if you're in bigger groups. 

I woke up in the middle of the night & everywhere I looked there was a zillion stars in the sky. It was sooo beautiful!!! There was also this little desert fox sniffing around our camp. I heart Egypt!



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