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Donkey ride to Valley of Kings

 This is definitely one of the highlights of my Egypt trip. We were heading out to Valley of Kings, Luxor. We hopped on a ferry to take us across the Nile. There were some donkeys waiting for us at the west bank. Our guide Migu got the donkeys ready & prepped. We picked a donkey & trotted off into town. Yey!
Highlights: Donkey ride was fun!!! Its a lot more comfortable than riding a horse that's for sure. We went past cities, villages, farm lands, the desert. It was great!
Cast of Characters: me & my fellow tour travelers
Logistics/ Links: This was included in the G Adventures trip.
When: I went mid-April, 2008. Perfect time to visit Egypt
Location: Valley of Kings, Luxor, Egypt
Cost: This was included in the trip cost. You can just google the topic & I'm sure it'll yield some up to date prices. I paid about $1200 for the 16 day tour.
Trip Report: I thought this activity was very much worth it! I felt bad for the little donkeys that had to carry my 300lb fellow tourist. The donkeys seem to know exactly where to go. They even stop at souvenir stores! It seems like it took about an hour for us to get to Valley of Kings, I forget. It was just enough time to enjoy the place. As soon as we got to Valley of Kings, the donkeys lined up towards the mountains & peed. They can even control their bathroom breaks!
John & I enjoying our little boat ride

My new friend. My donkey sprinted off at some point at scary speed! Yalla yalla yalla hop hop hop!

There were some narrow portions of the road. Dunno how we got our donkey caravan and that truck to fit.

Finally arrived.

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