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Eerie silence at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

If we were not depressed enough from the Killing fields, our next stop at Tuol Sleng Genocide museum definitely hit the nail on the head. The place looks like any regular high school building from the outside except for the barb wires all over the perimeter. We got our tickets & went in.
Highlights: It was very very freaky to see the torture rooms with all the 'tools' used & the prison cells.
Cast of Characters: I explored the buildings on my own. I was with a small little tour of 5 people total. This was organized by my guesthouse (Sunday guesthouse). Its easy enough to hire a motorbike or tuktuk on your own though.
Logistics/ Links: Here's a wiki on the site. Also some photos
When: I went late February, 2012. It was getting warm. It may be hot in Asia but still a good idea to dress conservatively.
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Cost: $3 shared tuktuk transpo for the Killing fields & Tuol Sleng museum. $2 entrance fee to S-21 Tuol Sleng museum.
Trip Report: I think we got an hour or so to explore the place. I didn't know there was another half of the museum towards the back of the property. That was actually the more interesting part, with all the prison cells and all. I think I explored all the accessible floors of every building. It was very freaky.

The Vietnamese liberated Cambodians from the Khmer Rouge regime. When the KR fell, they took as much evidence as they can to show everybody all of the torture & crime that has happened in the closed off world of Cambodia. This museum was one of them. US was fighting against Vietnam around that time. UN which mostly really represents just the west, would only recognize KR as the official government of Cambodia even 10 yrs after all the crimes of KR has been exposed. Very sad.

Today the war criminals are under trial. Justice for Cambodians.

High school classroom turned into a torture chamber

Grave of people found in the torture chambers

I feel like this girl could have just as easily been me, born at a different time & different place.

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