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Exotic markets of Inle

Inthein market & the ruins are awesome!!! Our boat guide brought us here to explore the market for a bit. I ran out of camera batteries- argh!!! It had to be in the middle of a lake, in the middle of nowhere. For a pack of 4x AAA batteries they were charging $6-7. Sigh. I conserved camera batteries as much as I could. It was hard because everywhere you look is just a beautiful scene taunting you to get their photo taken.
Highlights: Myanmar is a photographers dream! There are just soo many beautiful scenes everywhere you look at Inle lake.
Cast of Characters: I met Anneka on the bus ride from Mandalay to Inle. That bus ride was awful! Take some motion sickness meds. We ended up exploring Inle together. She had some very cool stories from her visit to Yangon.
Logistics/ Links: here's the wikitravel for Inle lake.
When: I went around mid-February, 2012. It gets freezing cold in the morning boat ride getting to the lake from Nyaungshwe. During the day, the weather is milder but I still needed my light sweater.
Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar
Cost: This was part of our Inle lake boat tour. We were ripped off so we paid $18/ person for the whole day tour. It's actually only supposed to be $18/ boat divided among 5 tourists. You can just walk around by the dock at Nyaungshwe & you'll get offers for boat rides. There's also tourist offices in town. 
Trip Report: I thought Inthein market was very cool. Anneka thought it was a little too touristy. There were A LOT of tourist boats by the market. Inthein market was selling a lot of overpriced souvenirs but trading amongst the locals is very much a part of the scene. I would probably think its touristy if it was existing just for the tourists. I thought it was cool.

I'm pretty sure it was Sunday but these kids were walking to school (?).

Ladies heading out to trade at the market

Folks heading out to the market

Boat dock by Inthein market

Are those rice crackers!?! Those are soo good!

Ladies dining at the marketplace

Hmm...I wonder what this is for! lol. Ok, it was used for weighing drugs 'in the old days'.

Market scene at Inthein

Pretty cool!

Souvenir stalls

This river gets so much life & activity. Its beautiful just to watch people going about doing their thing.

Ladies bathing by the river with their longyi.

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