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Exploring the mystical Temple of the Oracle

Mud brick buildings are awesome! I grew up in an environment without them so its all new to me. I kept imagining the 300 movie while we were walking around the place. Its quite an extensive building. They wired up the place with electricity so it illuminates nicely at night. Migu explained to us the history of the place which I forgot 5 mins later, unfortunately. Tours are a great way to travel because you experience the place & learn all about its history. I have ADD though.
Highlights: Temple ruins lost in time.
Cast of Characters: my fellow tour mates
Logistics/ Links: here's some trip advisor info on it
When: I went mid-April, 2008. The weather was perfect. Beautiful day to be exploring Siwa
Location: Siwa, Egypt
Cost: Prolly a bit more now. See ticket below
Trip Report: Excellent historical attraction

Biking towards The Temple of the Oracle

Freakin awesome! I like this little entryway

Our group heads out towards the temple of the Oracle

From outside the building

Temple of the Oracle. Siwa oasis, Egypt

Temple of the Oracle. Siwa oasis, Egypt

Temple of the Oracle. Siwa oasis, Egypt

View of Siwa valley from the temple

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