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Felucca sailing down the Nile

After a whirlwind tour of some temples, we headed out to the dock for our overnight felucca sailing. It was very nice watching life along the Nile. Some parts reminded me of Bible stories that were set in Egypt. The weather was perfect, the water calm. Our felucca sailor was humming & singing some traditional songs. It was very nice. We put our bug juice on, they set up our mattresses, we put up our sleeping bags & all slept on the deck of the boat.

Highlights: Felucca sailing down the Nile is pretty freakin awesome. One of the top things to do while in Egypt.
Cast of Characters: I went to Egypt by myself & joined a tour by G Adventures when I got there. It was great!
Logistics/ Links: G Adventures tour.
When: I went mid-April, 2008. Spring is a perfect time to go to Egypt.
Location: I believe we were sailing around Luxor area. We weren't actually moving at night. We just docked by an island & hung out. I think we sailed a bit more in the morning before heading out to a van to take us on some more whirlwind temple tours.
Cost: This was included in the tour cost. I think I paid around $1200 for the whole tour for 16 days.
Trip Report: This was really nice. You can probably do it on your own but I imagine you'd need to find some other travelers to split the costs. It was very relaxing. As I was lying on the deck, I saw some massive cruise ships go by. I like the felucca though. Its much more personal & made me feel more immersed with the place & the experience.

Not one but 2 cigarettes!

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