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Gastronomic overload in China

I think China is one of those few places on earth where I actually gained weight while visiting. China & Singapore. The food is extremely greasy & extremely delicious! Nomnomnom.


Highlights: We had Beijing duck in Beijing, hehe. It was way overpriced though. Still a good way to spend my birthday.
Cast of Characters: Mamu, Mel, me, Kih & Noems
Logistics/ Links: n/a
When: We went to China in August, 2010. It is just not the best time to go. It was crowded, hot & crowded.
Cost: I think meals cost an average of $5
Trip Report: The crappy part in China is you have to ask for an English menu. The translation will cost you. I'm pretty sure everything is much, much cheaper in Chinese. Anyway, their food is delicious!


Beijing cold noodles. Perfect for summer.

Beijing duck

Greasy seafood mix

Not really used to having something like this for breakfast

They actually have fried steamed buns

Another breakfast plate...weird

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