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Gatecrashing a Nubian home for dinner

As we were riding our camels in the desert, I saw a cluster of blue buildings over the horizon. I asked our guide what that was. He replied- oh, that's where we're having dinner tonight! Cool. 
Highlights: It was pretty cool to be able to explore the blue Nubian village & see what its like inside the homes.
Cast of Characters:
Egypt tour crew
Logistics/ Links: Nubian people wiki
When: I went to Egypt around mid-April, 2008. Perfect time to go
West bank, Aswan, Egypt
Cost: this was included in the tour with G Adventures.
Trip Report: Meh. The excursion was ok. It felt kinda touristy even though we were the only tourists there at the moment. The family living at the home didn't really interact with us all that much. We pretty much just toured their house & ate. They put up a little souvenir stand, nobody felt like buying anything. It was alright.

All the houses in the village are painted blue to match the sky

Courtyard of their home with sand floor

That's their kitchen area
Little entryway

The crew having hibiscus tea before dinner

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