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Halong Bay Junk Boat cruise: Day 3

It was seriously foggy on our third day at the Bay. The coast guards back in town were not letting any ships depart. We could barely see anything. It was still very cool though, it felt like a scene from a movie. The bay was very quiet, our junk boat silently cruising by. Most of the third day was spent sailing back towards town. We passed by some interesting rock formations our guide would point out. 

Highlights: Beautiful seascape
Cast of Characters: my fellow tour mates mostly from Australia
Logistics/ Links: here's the link for the first & second day on the junk boat cruise. Here's some info on the junk boat Dugong Sail
When: I went around mid- March. As you can see below, its not the best time to go. They are re-finishing the ships to prepare for peak tourist season & the weather is kinda gloomy.
Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam
Cost: I paid $100 for the 3d/2n tour. You might be able to get it for a few $ less. I think the quality for the mid-range tours are gonna be mostly the same. Its pretty good
Trip Report: So if I went on a 2 day tour, the 2nd day would just be sailing back. Granted, this is a sailing trip so I guess its what I should expect. The 3rd day was very relaxing. They offered a side trip to Monkey island which no one took up. We were mostly hanging out at the deck taking in the beautiful seascape. There was an awful lot of trash on the water on our way back. I wish they took better care of this place considering its a national park & a world class tourist attraction. We had lunch at the boat & set out back to Hanoi in the afternoon.

If I could do this again, I think the 2 day tour would be fine. I don't recommend the 1 day tour. The 3 day tour is nice if you have the time. The only extra thing you get with the 3 day trip is the kayaking around Lan Ha bay. You can get a better kayaking experience at El Nido in the Philippines. Overall, this was an excellent trip. I would not do it again unless it was free, hehe.
Morning view at the deck. Yes those junk boat sails are just for decoration.

Pretty. Its a lot better when you're actually there.

Eeeep! Thank goodness they manage to keep Palawan far.

We passed by some floating villages on our way back.


Captains quarters

Little boat taking us back to town. Goodbye Halong Bay!

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