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Hiking a necropolis

It was pretty cool exploring this cemetery in the mountain. I'm surprised it hasn't all crumbled on top of each other. We rode our bikes to the mountain. We were the only tourists there it seems. Siwa does not get many tourists, even more so right now I bet. It was pretty interesting. You get this nice view of the valley.

Highlights: Cool artwork inside some of the tombs.
Cast of Characters: my fellow tour mates
Logistics/ Links: wikitravel info
When: I went April, 2008. It was a nice time to go biking around
Location: Siwa, Egypt
Cost: This was included in our tour cost. I went with G Adventures.
Trip Report: It was nice. Must see when you're biking around the area. It was not really much of a hike from what I remember. It was just a short walk up.

Pretty cool view of Siwa oasis from Mtn of the Dead

Mountain (more like mound) of the Dead

Mtn of the Dead. Siwa, Egypt


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