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The hunt for the perfect sunset in Bagan- day 1

What is my definition of a perfect sunset in Bagan? I want to see thousands of stupas all over the valley, I want to see the sun's round silhouette setting behind the mountains...I think thats about it. Not too difficult. My first day in Bagan, I set out around Old Bagan on a horse cart ride. At the very end of the day, my horse cart driver brought me to this small temple. There were a few tourists at the top. It was not super crowded. The view is fantastic! It was a bit cloudy that day so we were all just patiently waiting for the sun to come out.

Highlights: Gorgeous, fantastic fairy tale-like views!!!
Cast of Characters: just myself
Logistics/ Links: Hunt for the perfect sunset day 2, day 3 & the most amazing sunrise ever
When: I went mid- February, 2012. It's a good time to go. It gets pretty hot & dusty in the afternoons. Make sure you bring a dust mask.
Location: Bagan, Myanmar. Since there's thousands of temples, a lot of them are not even located in maps. The place my horse cart driver brought me to was one of those obscure spots. I think it might have been called Shwe-na-zantha or something. Not sure.
Cost: Horse cart driver for the day costs about $18.50 for 2 people. I was by myself so I had to pay the full amount, sigh.
Trip Report: Freakin awesome!!! I waited for a bit but eventually accepted that the sun is not going to show up. It was very cloudy so there wasn't really a sunset. Oh well. It was still a spectacular show. I just love how the light slowly changes. I love how the dust looks over the treetops & temples (although definitely did not enjoy eating up all that dirt on the way). Fantastic!

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