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The hunt for the perfect sunset in Bagan- day 2

After the phenomenal sunrise that morning, I asked Cho Cho for good sunset spots. Yesterday, there was no sun so I was hoping today would be better. He told me to come to his temple in the afternoon (he's a temple caretaker), he knows some more good locations. I'm usually pretty careful with trusting strangers. Still not decided about him. Xandy split up to go explore the area on his own. I figured, I have my bike I can just dash off if he starts to creep me out. Ok.

Highlights: Amazing scenery! 
Cast of Characters: me, Cho-Cho, Zozo, Aung
Logistics/ Links: Sunset hunt day 1 & day 3. Beautiful sunrise in Bagan, Pyathatgyi phaya
When: I went mid-Feb, 2012. My second day exploring Bagan, I skipped the horse cart & tried out the bike. Have you tried biking on the beach? Ha! If you enjoy that, this is perfect for you. Bagan is dusty. Actually, the whole Myanmar is dusty. Its nice to bike around in the morning, but in the afternoons you will be eating & breathing dirt. The picturesque cloud hanging over the temples & trees is actually suspended dust. I did ask my horse cart driver how much it would be to just do sunrise & sunset, he quoted me $15 which was a bit too much for me compared to the $2 bike rental. Sigh.
Location: Pyathatgyi Phaya temple, Bagan, Myanmar.
Cost: $2 bike rental per day.
Trip Report: So I went to Cho-Cho's temple. Its called Min-o-Chanthe. That was actually where we met. I was exploring the temple & he offered to be my guide. I asked how much but he said it was free. He just wanted to learn English in exchange. When I met with him that afternoon, he was talking to these 2 little boys Zozo & Aung. They are cute! I felt a lot better when they followed us to our little sunset bike hunt.

Cho said the sunset spot was pretty close. It may be close but biking on sand just makes anywhere feel 10x farther. He brought me to Pyathatgyi phaya. I was imagining a small obscure temple like the day before but this place was huge! I mean busloads of tourists were flocking to the place huge. Tourists always have different preferences so its hard for locals to guess what you want. Its always hit & miss it seems. He brought a Chinese tourist here before & she really liked it (prolly because all the busloads of other Chinese tourists). 

So it was a really nice view. The sun was there. You could see the round shape setting, but the silhouette of thousands of stupas were missing. Oh well. I enjoyed the experience. Will try again tomorrow. There was of course a queue to head out the overcrowded temple. It felt like an hour before we were able to leave. It was getting dark & I just wanted to go back to the hotel. This was when ChoCho informed me that he was actually an artist & he wanted to show me his work (back at the temple)- argh. I knew it. They're all artists out here btw. Ok. I don't really mind too much because he brought us to the fantastic sunrise spot. We went back to his temple, he showed me his work (a lot of the paintings were not very good). I had absolutely no idea how much he wanted for them. I asked him to quote me a price. He said 'uhhh...$30?'. I doubled over. Then offered him $10. He gave me 4 sand paintings for $10. Not bad at all. I picked out the best ones & gave those out as souvenirs to my family. Cho Cho is really nice, he refers to himself as my younger brother in Myanmar. I think he's a good friend despite the selling part. He biked with me back to my guesthouse. We had some dinner & bid each other farewell. Tomorrow is lazy day me thinks.

There are a lot of Chinese tourists

No stupas!

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