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The hunt for the perfect sunset in Bagan- day 3

Ok, the sunset yesterday was kinda disappointing with the massive tourist crowds & eating all that dust & no stupas over the setting sun (am I a princess or what). I decided I have already seen the perfect sunrise so I'll give my sunset hunt one last shot. I checked my map. Checked the temples location & set out for the rarely visited parts of Bagan.

Highlights: Amazing scenery. Its nice to see locals going about their daily routine. 
Cast of Characters: just myself
Logistics/ Links: Gorgeous sunrise at Bagan. Sunset hunt day 1 & day 2.
When: I was biking around Bagan mid-February, 2012. It was hot in the afternoon! Bring plenty of water.
Location: South Plain, Bagan, Myanmar
Cost: $2 bike rental per day.
Trip Report: It felt totally weird biking along the road at the Pwasaw area. Tourists usually stick to Anawrahta road. Anawrahta has the best temple access & the nicest views of the valley. From the map it seemed like Pwasaw area would be good. Lots of temples to the west where the sun would set. As I biked in the heat, I was beginning to wonder what on earth was I thinking. Getting to Dhammayazika temple took me about an hour with some temple stops along the way. I also had lunch at one of the roadside food stalls. I really thought I would get a tummy ache from it but miraculously did not.

South plains area of Bagan is pretty much deserted. 2 boys on a bike saw me & just had to stop & stare as I biked past them because it was so unusual to see tourists at this part of town I suppose. There were some nice temple clusters along the way. There was a small town serving cold drinks. More people & tourists at this point. The area is nice but not really as great as the temples by Old Bagan/ Anawrahta rd. I don't recommend biking out here.

As the sundown was getting closer, I began to realize that the sun was gonna set behind the mountains (not behind the temples & stupas). Also I thought that I did not want to go biking down the deserted road in the dark. I left before sundown. Oh well. It was all beautiful!

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