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Inle Lake boat tour attractions

Inle lake, though a little bit touristy was awesome! They have markets scheduled for different villages around the lake. It was pretty interesting to see all the activity. Wonder how the locals feel about all the tourists taking their pics at every single thing they do. Everything is just so picturesque & scenic & beautiful, I can't help but go paparazzi crazy on them.
Highlights: Floating villages, stilt houses, exotic markets, ancient pagodas, experiencing local life at the lake.
Cast of Characters: Me, Anneka, our boat guide & his son
Logistics/ Links: wikitravel
When: I went mid-February, 2012. Beautiful day to explore the lake. The wind makes it extra freezing cold in the morning going into the lake.
Location: Inle lake, Myanmar
Cost: It costs around $18/ boat for the whole day. One boat is good for 5 people.
Trip Report: It was awesome! There are several attractions around the huge lake. We opted to skip the village with women wearing gold rings around their necks. LP thinks the women are being exploited as human zoos for tourists. We're drones of Lonely Planet so we did what they said, lol. We went to weaving workshops, floating farms, monasteries with jumping cats (it was lame, my cat can do better tricks), golden temples, exotic markets etc.
Stilt house at floating village.

Local guy on his boat

Weaving factory. They make longyis, scarves, bags, etc...

It was very interesting to see how they make thread from lotus stem. I thought its tedious & time consuming considering the availability of other material options. Hmm..I guess there's some novelty to it too. The fabric felt ok, didn't seem too special.

Lotus weaver. They were all joking around

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The golden duck of doom!

Rice wine shed. LOL! We saw this guy just passed out on the ground across the river from this shop. Lol!!! I should have taken his picture!

Young men making boats. It's kinda interesting to see a lot of young Burmese (like these guys) with Korean pop haircuts & traditional longyis. Its a very good look though. Who would have thought long skirts would be flattering to men and not to women?!

Floating farm at Inle. Folks are done with fishing/ trading & are now heading back home.

Ha! Jumping cat monastery. The lady nudges the cats. When the cat jumps, the lady rolls the hoop through their body & gives them a treat. Lol. I was kind of expecting circus-like stunts from the cats. I guess its exactly what they said it is- jumping cats monastery. Btw, my cat Wheelie can do way better tricks.

Monk at jumping cat monastery.

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