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Another temple in the middle of nowhere, Inle

Our boat guide took us a little bit off the tourist trail at Inle lake. I like being off the tourist trail but it still does not make up for Teakwood guesthouse overcharging us. It took over half an hour to get to this little village. Not really much going on around the place. There another temple. I think the markets rotate here at a certain day of the week. That would have made it more interesting. For today though, Anneka & I just walked around the deserted village.
Highlights: We saw this drunk guy passed out by the river bank. Lol. Right across the river was a wine making shop. Ha!
Cast of Characters: Anneka, myself, boat guide & his son
Logistics/ Links: not really sure what this place is called so no links
When: I was exploring Inle lake mid-February, 2012. I was in Myanmar for 17 days. I love Myanmar but maybe 10-14 days is enough to see the attractions.
Location: Inle lake, Myanmar
Cost: I paid $18 for the boat tour. Its supposed to be $18 per boat split amongst 5 people. We were ripped off.
Trip Report: This little detour was nice. Not worth it without the market I think.

Temple beyond

Little path leading up to the temple. The huts are filled with people & merchandise on market day. The place was empty when we were there. I think everyone was at Inthein.

Many, many, many stupas along the way.

Nice little view of the temple from our boat.

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