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Last days with the group in Alexandria

We really only had a day to explore Alexandria. It was a bit of an adjustment coming from Siwa and then suddenly this big metropolis where women are not shrouded. We had a long bus ride from Siwa to Alexandria. At one of the stops, I jump off the bus to take a little break at a small restaurant. My fellow travelers were there sipping drinks. I swear as soon as I got out, I felt all the heads just turn to look at me. Omg! A woman without a head scarf & exposed arms!!! After all the sacrifice & courage Egyptians have shown during the revolution, I'm praying women's rights do not disintegrate along with the past regime. Anyway, I wish I saw more of Alexandria.  
Highlights: The Corniche. I know there's the lighthouse & the library, but the Corniche is where everything comes alive. I hung out with my tour mates at one of the shisha restaurants along the bay, it was really nice.
Cast of Characters:  my fellow tour mates
Logistics/ Links: wiki
When: April, 2008. It was the perfect time to go.
Location: Alexandria, Egypt
Cost: This was part of my trip with G Adventures (Absolute Egypt). It was an amazing trip- $1200 for 16 days.
Trip Report: Alexandria is a nice, cosmopolitan city in Egypt. People are more modern than most other places. I like it.

Some beautiful architecture

The Corniche, Alexandria

Beautiful sunset at the corniche, Alexandria
Alexandria library. Not quite what I was expecting. Its very modern.
Alexandria library

Alexandria library

This is such a crappy photo. Take a pic of the group! Not the ceiling & walls!!!

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