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Let's all swim in Cleopatra's spring!

We biked around the small town of Siwa. We arrived at Cleopatra's spring. This is awesome I thought. I brought my swimsuit & a change of clothes for the springs. I walk towards the water...hmm..yeah...did not look quite like I imagined.

Highlights: Cleopatra bathed there?! I think the highlight of this spring is the little restaurant right next to it. They have awesome, cool tunes, excellent beverages & beautiful little hangout spot at the rooftop.
Cast of Characters: the tour crew
Logistics/ Links: here's some wiki tidbit
When: I went in April, 2008. It was the perfect time to go. Really nice weather.
Location: Siwa oasis, Egypt. Western desert
Cost: biking around Siwa is included in the tour with G Adventures (Absolute Egypt). I have to say, Egypt might be even cheaper now than in 2008 when I went.
Trip Report: Yeah...I am definitely not swimming in that. The springs in the western desert of Egypt all look like they'll give me some sort of bacterial infection. It still is nice to explore/ bike the town & chill out at cafes. 

Clean up duty. 

Somebody tell me what that is? Every so often there would just be this bubble of green gunk rising to the top. Makes me think of toxic goo they show in cartoons with matching bubble sounds. No thanks. There was a tourist that jumped in though. She was wearing a more conservative full body wet suit looking thing. Prolly good that I didn't wear my bathing suit in public. 

John inspecting

Fabulous restaurant Tanta Waa. I love this place!

Rooftop at Tanta Waa

View of Cleo's spring from restaurant. 

Jack & Lewis. 

Ohhhh!!! This was soooo nice!!! Their drinks are awesome too. I had their lasagna, it was good just a little too greasy. 

The tour crew hanging out

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