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Floating past life at Inle lake

Myanmar is soo beautiful. Its just one of my favorite countries in the planet. Inle is very touristy (like Bagan). Its still a very interesting place to visit. We spent the whole day exploring the villages around the lake. Anneka & I set out around 8am with the boat guide. We walked to the dock which was just a few minutes away. I had a light sweater with me. Our boat sped off, it was freezing!!! 
Highlights: Exploring the very cool stilt houses/ floating villages/ exotic markets
Cast of Characters: Me, Anneka, our boat guide & his son.
Logistics/ Links: here's a wikitravel link. While you're at Nyaungshwe, all you actually need to do is just walk around the place & you'll be approached by folks offering boat tours. There's a few tourist offices that also sell the boat tour for competitive prices. Do not book your tour with Teakwood guesthouse.
When: I went to Inle lake mid-February, 2012. The morning boat ride out to Inle lake was just freezing! My light sweater was definitely not enough. There was a blanket provided on our boat & I just tried to bundle up as much as I could. It got nicer as the day wore on. I still needed my light sweater though. It
Location: Nyaungshwe/ Inle lake, Myanmar
Cost: Argh!!! We were scammed big time for this boat tour. The boat rental for the day costs $18/ 15K kyat. A boat can fit 5 tourists. Anneka & I paid $18 each. We could have only paid $3-4 for the tour. Gggrr!! Teakwood hotel scammed us big time. We were soo pissed! I guess its our fault we did not ask around. So pissed.
Trip Report: Inle lake was very nice. I enjoyed Inthein markets & ruins. It was nice to float by all the stilt villages. Definitely worth it!

Local fishermen stirring up fish

Beautiful floating village scene entering Inle lake.

Early morning scene as we were getting into Inle lake. 

Floating village at Inle lake. Sigh! Myanmar is so beautiful!

Villagers going about

I love this picture

Village life by Inthein

Inle lake floating village

Stilt house at Inle lake. I'm seriously wondering what they plan to do with waste management so the lake does not become a cesspool 10 yrs from now.

Some tourists exploring Inle lake

They have these little wooden bridges everywhere its soo cool!
Our boat guide for our Inle lake excursion

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