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Long climb up Sagaing Hill

So I hired a motorbike driver to take me around the ancient cities of Mandalay. Motorbikes are excellent for solo travelers. I like motorbike towns. Our first stop was Sagaing Hill. My guide did not speak English. He motioned for me to just go up the stairs. He waits for me by the entrance. Ok, I can do that. I started up the path.

A few steps further there are mini entrances along the sides of the path that look like they lead to whatever it is the guide wants me to see here. I meet some people & hand signal ask on which direction I go. They point straight ahead. I keep walking along.

A few minutes later, I needed to pee. I ask some more folks by doing the peepee dance. They point to the side of the path. I see some buildings not far. Huh, that must be where the restrooms are. I walk on along. The buildings look deserted. It was like a little ghost town. I walk a few more minutes & seems like I stumbled on this little residential neighborhood. I try to ask for restrooms, no luck. I walked all the way around the block back towards where I started. I asked my guide for help. There were some ladies going up where I was supposed to go. He asks them to take me to the restroom. We climbed up a series of stairs (this was about 15-20 minutes of stairs). It is a hill after all. We got to the very top & I realized this is where I was supposed to go all along. The folks who pointed me to the restroom were actually pointing to the bushes right outside. Ohhh! Ok! This is what happens when you have no idea where you're supposed to go or what you're supposed to see.

Highlights: Nice views of Mandalay city at the top!
Cast of Characters:  I was touring the city on my own. I had my motorbike driver taking me around.
Logistics/ Links: Here's a little bit of info from wiki. Its pretty much just a temple at the top of the hill (what Sagaing hill is all about).
When: I went mid-February, 2012. It was pretty hot. And dusty. Very dusty. Would not want to be here in the summer.
Location: Sagaing hill, Mandalay, Myanmar
Cost: I paid around $18 for the whole day motorbike tour to the ancient cities. There's a bit more fees involved for the island of Inwa.
Trip Report: It was interesting getting lost on my way to Sagaing hill. I stumbled on to this monastery. I don't think I was supposed to be there. Anyway, there were a lot of beautiful Victorian style homes around the area. They look abandoned & in very bad shape but still awesome. Lonely Planet said Pyin Oo Lwin had some good residential architecture- not! I like Mandalay city. It doesn't revolve around tourists so its a pretty good insight on what modern Myanmar will look like (more modern development but still lots of nice people).
Monks walking along the path up to Sagaing hill. There's inscriptions all along the wall. I wish I knew what it says.


Water containers(?)

I walked with these 2 ladies all the way to the top. They were nice enough to show me where the restrooms are.

There's a LOT of stairs

Nice view of Mandalay city

Temple at the top of the hill

Beautiful architecture around Mandalay city.

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