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Long layover at Incheon airport

Except for kimchi, I'm liking everything Korean right now. I met this Korean guy in Yangon who belted out the whole 'Pinoy ako' song in fluent tagalog. I was impressed. Anyway, I took Asiana to get to the Philippines (Clark). Asiana has the loveliest service (& attendants). I had a really long layover at Incheon. Their airport is awesome! Why? You can lay out on the seats & free wifi (nobody has free wifi)! Makes waiting a lot more tolerable.

Highlights: Free cultural shows, free wifi, comfy seats (or beds)
Cast of Characters: Just me
Logistics/ Links: Here's the link for what you can do during looong layovers ->
When: I was there Dec, 2011. It was cooold. If you're gonna get stuck there & you want to do the city tours- make sure you have warm clothes.
Location: Incheon airport, Korea.
Cost: see link for some transit tours
Trip Report: We booked with Asiana & there was a 12 hr layover at Incheon. If this happens, you can give them a call & they can put you on a free city tour or free hotel stay (with lunch). I was gonna go on the city tour but it was 0'C when I got there so I just took the hotel.
You have to go all the way out, clear immigration. Before you exit, there is a lobby where they have the transit tours desk. You can leave your luggage there while on the tour. The DMZ tour might have been interesting. Oh well. Next time.

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