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Lost in Siwa

We saw a donkey that was just staring right at a stop sign. It was so weird. It had its head just right up the sign. My tour mates could not stop laughing at it. Wake up to the sound of breying donkeys in the desert oasis of Siwa. We had a bit of time to explore the place. Siwa has many historical attractions.
Highlights: Lots of historical ruins & attractions.
Cast of Characters: my fellow tour mates
Logistics/ Links: wiki
When: go in the spring or fall. Its nice
Location: Siwa, Egypt
Cost: Exploring Siwa is included in the tour cost with G Adventures
Trip Report: Make sure you are dressed conservatively. I had my shoulders & legs covered all the time. I wasn't wearing a head scarf though. People will stare at you like you have 2 heads. I did feel like an alien walking around the whole Egypt because outside the big cities, people just stare like crazy!!! Might be because I look local but I'm with a bunch of white folks & I'm not wearing their traditional clothing. Please don't stone me! Lol, just kidding. Siwa is very nice & very conservative. Its the next destination after Alexandria. If you have the time, do visit.
Siwa desert oasis, Egypt

Siwa desert oasis, Egypt

Every day after a whole day of exploration, we would head out to a beer garden...good times. I think this was the only bar/restaurant in town.

This was where we stayed at Baharia. This picture seems to be out place...hmm. Western Desert hotel link

Siwa at night

Siwa at night

Hotel at Siwa

At the top of Adrere Amellal (expensive hotel) in Siwa

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