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National Museum of Cambodia

After a thoroughly depressing morning at the Killing fields & Genocide museum, I decided to check some (hopefully) much more pleasant Phnom Penh attraction- their Nat'l Museum. The city tour only took up the morning. We got back around 1pm & so I had some time to relax a bit & then explore some more. I hailed a motorbike driver, pointed to the museum location & off we went.
Highlights: Beautiful architecture!
Cast of Characters: just myself
Logistics/ Links: Museum website. Children of Bassac (cultural show at the museum)
When: I went around March 1, 2012. It was getting hot. I was born in the tropics though so its ok for me.
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Cost: $3 for the moto to the museum (the driver waited for me about an hour or so). $3 museum entrance fee. $18 for the cultural show.
Trip Report: This was very nice. They have a lot of ancient Buddhist sculptures. Its a nice way to spend an hour or so. I didn't realize there was a cultural show when I was there. I arrived at the museum too early. If I had known, I would have timed my visit better. The cultural show is called "The Children of Bassac". Its 7-8pm every Thursday. They were practicing while I was there. It looked pretty cool and it was just right in front of the museum. Darn. You should definitely time your visit to catch the show as well.

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