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Sacred crocodiles at Kom-Ombo temple

I know all the temples look the same but I just cannot tire of their magnificence! We spent about 4-5 days checking out what seems like every single significant temple in the whole Egypt. We spent the night along the nile river in a felucca. The next morning (no showers) we went straight to temple hopping.

Highlights: Mummified crocodiles, marvelous architecture! I am just amazed especially considering how long ago these were built. I just went to Siem Reap & I think they could use a little bit of temple restoration there. Not too much where it destroys the character but just enough so you can appreciate the building (a lot of it just looked like rubble to me).
Cast of Characters: I went alone & just joined a tour crew
Logistics/ Links: This was included in the tour I took with G Adventures. Here's some wiki info
When: I went mid-April. Perfect weather! Wonder how the crowds look like now after the revolution.
Location: 50km north of Aswan, along the Nile.
Cost: I saw a site that says it costs 40LE/$7 now
Trip Report: Awesome! We probably spent maybe an hour exploring the temple. 

The stone ceiling still has a bit of color left. 

I like the shadows on this

I know my pictures make it look like the place is abandoned but just 1" below this shot the whole corridor is jampacked with people.

Some of the folks ask for tips when you take their picture. 

Entrance to crocodile temple

Sacred mummified crocs. Bad picture I know.

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