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Spelunking Sumaguing Cave

Ohhh! Sumaguing cave is beautiful! I've been to some caves that are also wonderful like the ones in Guilin, China & Halong Bay, Vietnam. As I see more of the world I realize that even if the landscapes are similar, the personality or character of the places are always different. I love how they left Sumaguing cave pretty much untouched. They don't have lights inside, no rails or man-made paths. There's all these genitalia formations the guide will happily point out. Its awesome!

Highlights: It was pristine inside! The water is crystal clear. The guides make sure to take out the trash they see. The formations are pretty interesting. Very cool physical activity for 2 hrs or so.
Cast of Characters: Me, Teddy the guide, Torsten
Logistics/ Links: I first went to the tourist office to register & try to get a guide for the cave. They were not very helpful. I walked around & fortunately found the guide association. Those guys were great with hooking me up for tours.
When: I went late November, 2011. It was drizzling and cold. Climate change. The locals said it felt like summer the past week. Oh. Just to prove how unlucky I am- they usually have no problems with electricity, except for the only 2 days I was there. As soon as I left, it was back up & running. Hmp.
Location: Sagada, Cordillera region, Philippines
Cost: This Sagada website has a bunch of pretty helpful info too. I paid Php500/$11 for 1 guide to take me to Sumaguing. A bit pricey for me but still better than not going at all. Glad I ran into Torsten. We split up the guide fees.
Trip Report: Yep, it was awesome! The guides are great too. They take really good (& a lot of your) pictures. Teddy showed me some more interesting burial caves around town. He explained some of the natural formations & some of the local traditions. The cave exploration itself probably lasted around 2ish hours. The whole walking tour maybe about 4+ hrs. 

There was a well o' trash by the steps beyond. Other than that, they have managed to keep the place nice & clean. Good job guys!

Cave entrance. Teddy brought me to the entrance of Lumiang burial cave which is the start of the cave connection tour. I met some tourists there who were gonna do the whole cave connection (about 4+hrs). They invited & insisted I have to join them. I was feeling lazy though so I declined. 

Teddy preparing our lamp. 

After the bat-poo portion of the cave, we took our shoes off to make it easier to explore the cave. The cave surface is smooth & cold. Not really slippery. I went on a weekday. There was only 1 other group besides us. 

This one is easy- a turtle!


Of course we cannot forget the holy trinity. There is always a holy trinity in every cave you'll see in the Philippines. 

The crystal clear water is cold! Very nice though

I'm ashamed to say this but- we were wandering around the caves with Teddy showing us the queen/ king/ princess formations & I had no clue what he was talking about. It took maybe 15-20mins of that before it clicked that he was referring to the size of the formations that resembled genitalia. I'm slow.  

Very cool!

Teddy says if you jump into that hole, it will take you straight to Manila. lol!

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