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Sunset at U-bein bridge

I met Sundara & friends again! It was great to run into them again. We explored the teak bridge, just walked the length of it & then back. Sundara & I had some traditional Myanmar tea. We had a very good conversation which made me realize he is a very deep, philosophical, wise & spiritual person (I´m not just saying that because he´s a monk). Chatting with him just highlighted how un-philosophical & shallow I am, but thats ok (I´m not a monk) lol. 

Highlights: Watching the sun go down. Seeing all the activity & life around the bridge.
Cast of Characters: I arrived here a bit early so I had to wait a bit for the sun set. I ran into my new monk friends again! We had the same itinerary! It was fun to hang out & chat with them. I felt a bit weird after a bit, I don´t know if its ok for them to be hanging out with girls or something. It´s probably ok though, because we were not getting any weird looks from locals.
Logistics/ Links:
When:  I went mid-Feb, 2012. It was nice & pleasant.
Location: Amarapura, Mandalay. Lonely Planet seems to have a bit more attractions on Amarapura, but when I went out with my motorbike driver guide- it was just the bridge that we checked out. Hm. A lot of tourists do not like Mandalay. I thought it was great though. The city does not revolve around tourism like Inle so you get to experience what its really like. We biked past a street filled with buddha factories & it was a very very cool sight. There´s better architecture here than in Pwin Oo Lwin. I like Mandalay.
Cost: coming soon. You dont need the tourist attraction card here. The only cost is the motorbike driver
Trip Report: U-Bein bridge is massively touristy. It is a great place to go see all the activity & life, but just beware its massively touristy. Some tourists went out on boats to take pictures of the bridge with the sunset. I was actually planning to do that, but I didn´t want to leave Sundara & friends. Oh well, next time. There´s a bunch of restaurants by the side of the river. Sundara & I had some Myanmar tea. It is so odd! All over US, in Thai restaurants they serve Thai tea. While I was in Thailand-nobody serves Thai tea! And when I got to Myanmar, they have tea houses just for that! So weird.  Anyway, this was the last leg of the Mandalay city tour journey. It was very nice & well worth it.

Monks walking along U-Bein bridge

Tourists  out on boat rides

I saw many many beautiful sun sets in Myanmar

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