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The super crazy 2010 World Expo in Shanghai

So we had 1 whole day to explore Shanghai before Kih & Noems head back to the Philippines. Waaahh. We haven't seen them in a long time so we were all sad at the thought of them going. We all wanted to visit the World Expo, that was actually the reason we went to China. If we thought Beijing was crowded- hahahha- Expo was worse. We decided to go a bit later in the day to avoid insane lines. Good call. The only crappy part is we missed all the cool pavilions! Gggrrr.

Highlights: Fantastic architecture!!! I enjoyed the Philippine pavilion of course. There was Filipino food, live music, exhibits etc
Cast of Characters: Kih, Noems, Mel & I. My mom was smart to have stayed behind & relax
Logistics/ Links: n/a
When: We went in August, 2010. It was the busiest Expo in the history of mankind. I guess it helps putting it in the most populous country of the world.
Location: Shanghai, China
Cost: I forgot
Trip Report: It was craaazzyyy busy. My parents went to the World Expo in Japan in the 80's. He thought it was just the most amazing thing & kept insisting we attend one. The architecture & all the modern everything was just mindblowing. It was pretty much Disneyland for architects.
We walked around the place for hours. We went to see the pavilions with the least lines. Unfortunately, we were only able to see like 3 districts of the event. We missed the most awesome part- the European pavilions- waaaahhhh! We came in late & they closed too early! Sigh! Its ok though. We were all soo tired by like 10pm we were all annoyed at each other & just wanting to go home. It was an experience.

A whole shed just for lines. This wasn't everything, there was another part out to the left of the picture.

I heart my siblings.

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