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The temple of superlatives (Karnak)

Our first few days in Egypt was just a series of grand monuments one after another. It was a little bit overwhelming, like eating at Cheesecake factory and having a delicious 3 course dinner that's gonna stay with you forever. But that one is fat & this one is amazing memories. Temple of Karnak is said to be the largest ancient religious site in the world. If like me, you're getting confused with largest this and that- I found this little site to help. Anyway, temple of Karnak is another reason why you must go to places & not be satisfied with pictures or videos.

Highlights: Marvelous, massive columns. Grand architecture.
Cast of Characters: me & fellow travelers in our tour
Logistics/ Links: some info from wiki
When: We went mid-April, 2008. It was a bit warm but not bad at all. Its a good day for exploring temples. The earlier, the better maybe.
Location: Luxor, Egypt. I love Luxor. Karnak & Luxor temples are walking distance (it's a bit far though). Not too bad in nice weather.
Cost: Probably about $11 at time of this writing.
Trip Report: There were sooo many, many, many people. The place reminded me of Disneyland when it comes to the crowd. Its crazy. Aside from the Egyptian museum, this is one of the busiest places I've been to in Egypt. It was amazing though. Makes me think ancient Egyptian civilization was much more grand & marvelous than the present one. And they are still unearthing grand ancient ruins, there is just so much historical treasure in Egypt.

Disneyland crowd

Line of Rams as you enter the temple

I tagged along with Lewis & Jack. They are cool. 

Camera fail. There's supposed to be this dramatic little light beam from the opening in the stone ceiling but my camera couldn't capture the light. This is pretty common in their ancient temples to have openings for sunlight to penetrate the thick stone ceilings (or mountains like in Aswan) & shine onto a sculpture.

Their massive statues are usually carved out of granite blocks. They have granite everywhere in Egypt. Their sidewalks are made of granite.

Obelisk. They carve them out of a single piece of rock. We went to see the quarry north of Cairo & they have this massive unfinished obelisk they just left there. They do soil tests to make sure it will actually work. They transport these via the river. 


Thats me beyond & Jack hugging the column for scale. 

Tourist lost in the forest of columns. 

The ancient bldgs are covered in carvings from head to foot. You'll see traces of color at some parts.

Leslie, John, Val (in black beyond) & me exploring the ruins

Some more pieces they are trying to put together. 

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