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Tomb raiding Shwe Inn Thein Pagoda

I now have officially seen thousands (feels like millions) of pagodas. Temple overload! After the little excursion at Inthein market, we crossed the bridge over to visit the pagodas. We walked through the reeeaally long line of souvenir stalls & took pictures around the temples. It was very cool. Most of the temples are pretty well preserved (not heaps of rubble like the ones at Angkor). Its kinda sad how a lot of the buddha heads are stolen & sold in the black market. So if you go to a house & the owner brags about their ancient buddha display- they contribute to the ransacking of our ancient world heritage.
Highlights: Beautiful ruins!
Cast of Characters: Was exploring Inle lake with Anneka, our boat guide & his son
Logistics/ Links:
When: I was exploring Myanmar mid-February, 2012. The weather is beautiful at Inle. I get cold easily. I needed a light sweater during the day. I needed a windproof jacket for the early morning freezing boat ride.
Location: Inthein, Inle lake, Myanmar
Cost: We paid $18/ person for the whole day boat tour. Its supposed to be $18/ boat split among 5 people. We were ripped off big time by Teakwood guesthouse. There's an extra fee to get into the temple ruins, I forgot how much it was. I think it was around $5 or less.
Trip Report: There is an awful lot of souvenir stalls. They're very good souvenirs though. Perfect for your home decor. I had 0 room in my bag though (& 0 money in my wallet for souvenirs). It was nice walking around the temple ruins. Worth it!

Anneka said "This is kinda what I imagined the Angkor ruins to look like". After going to Angkor, I think a few parts kind of look like this but mostly its heaping piles of rubble.

Exquisite details

Buried buddhas. I love this pic

Love this pic! I'm so curious to see what the temple would look like unearthed & restored. But they don't always do a very good job of restoring, so I guess I'd rather leave it the way it is. 

Inthein ruins

Inthein ruins

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