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Waiting for the sunset at glorious Shwedagon Pagoda

Evelyn & I had 1 more day in Yangon before our flight the next day. We were trying to figure out what to do. I was feeling tired & lazy from traveling so I did not mind just staying in & reading. Evelyn was super excited at the possibility of meeting Aung San Suu Kyi. We decided to go to her house. Lol. She was not home. I kind of knew the only thing we were gonna see are the walls of her compound. Oh well, it was worth a shot. We headed to Shwedagon afterwards. Ohhh, it was soo hot. We stopped at one of the small stands along the way to the temple to get some fresh coconut juice.

Highlights: This place is glorious!!! I rarely use the word glorious- but it is appropriate for Shwedagon.
Cast of Characters: me & Evelyn
Logistics/ Links: Yangon wiki; Shwedagon pagoda
When: I went mid-February, 2012. I recommend visiting the temple late in the afternoon right around sunset. The sun is not so brutal & you get to see the light change around the temple. It is beautiful.
Location: Yangon, Myanmar.
Cost: I think its about $5 for the entrance fee + a few cents for donation (they give you a plastic bag to carry your footwear in). Footwear is not allowed at all temple grounds in the whole Myanmar. Evelyn said if I was wearing a longyi, I could have passed for a local & not have to pay! Argh! Those longyis are hard to wear though!
Trip Report: It was nighttime when I first got into Myanmar. I remember the taxi driving by the golden Shwedagon pagoda with the full moon behind it. It was awesome!! Towards the end of my trip, after I have seen literally thousands of pagodas- I was completely templed out. I was actually thinking of skipping this one. I'm so glad Evelyn talked me into going. It was amazing. The Shwedagon pagoda buildings were all golden & glimmered beautifully in the night.

I think you can spend about 2 hrs exploring the place. It was so hot, we mostly just parked our butts somewhere & relaxed while waiting for the sunset.
En route to Shwedagon pagoda

There's a series of halls lined with vendors leading to the pagoda entrance

Shwedagon pagoda

Me at Shwedagon pagoda. Yeeey!

This random guy approached us & showed us how to pour water over the statues. He asked for a tip afterwards. Oops, I don't have change. I forgot what the ritual symbolized. It feels weird to be Asian & not know Buddhism.
Big ass (biggest) bell

Monk praying at Shwedagon Pagoda

They have another water pouring ritual in this photo. One of the ladies showed her how to do it. Turns out at the very last pot, you have to drink the water. Not for folks with sensitive stomachs.

Monk chanting

Burmese kids

Golden temples of Shwedagon pagoda

Sunset at Shwedagon

Cleaning crew army sweeping at Shwedagon grounds

Young nuns at Shwedagon pagoda

I love all this gold! Its a beautiful temple

Golden temples of Shwedagon

Erm...hehehe. Not the best lighting design me thinks.

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