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Wandering around Ben Thanh market

I didn't stay too long in Saigon. I pretty much just walked around town to see the museums, the market & Pham Ngu Lao. Ben Thanh market is pretty interesting. Why? I don't know. The food? Because it looks just like any other market in the Philippines. Ah! Maybe that's why, the mix of familiarity & exoticism. Hm. I don't know.

Highlights: Atis.
Cast of Characters: Just myself. Trying to avoid getting hit by motorbikes. I almost got hit once. That's when I realized you cannot rush out to the sidewalk to avoid them because nobody knows where the other person is going. You just have to walk reeeaallly sloow & not make sudden movements. Lol. I told somebody- "I almost got hit by a motorbike!" She responds "While crossing the street?" "Yeah!" "I almost got hit while walking on the pedestrian sidewalk!!!" =O
Logistics/ Links: Here's some info on wikitravel for Saigon
When: I was there early March 2012. It was hot. Still bearable though
Location: Pretty close to Pham Ngu Lao (backpacker area of HCMH). Here's a map. Actually, all the tourist attractions in Saigon are walking distance to each other if you're coming from Pham Ngu Lao.
Cost: Free to wander around. A tasty meal will cost less than $5.
Trip Report: I was walking around the market & bought a little bottled tea drink. I couldn't open it because my hand was slippery. Some of the folks selling food managed to entice me to sit down & try their meals. Ok. When my food arrived, I tried to open my drink again. They don't speak English. They probably got frustrated with me, without a word they grabbed it from my hand & just opened it in less than 2 seconds. Hehe. I started to eat my food (spring roll) with a fork & knife. Struggled a bit because the eggroll wrap would not break so easily. Again they just took my fork, stabbed the eggroll with it & dunked it in the sauce. Aahhh!!! Lol!!! They probably think I'm a total wuss! The food was very good & I'm happy to report I did not get sick.

Ben Thanh market

Love potions

Fancy drinks which I did not try

I had lunch here. It was yummy

The cook surprised I snuck in to take pics

These are sooo good. Philippines has something like it- fresh lumpia.

Hmm...I thought I photoshopped that zit away already.

I ate atis as much atis as my stomach would let me. Goood

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