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Wandering around Nyaungshwe

Inle is my last stop at Myanmar before flying out from Yangon. I have not seen floating villages before so I was excited to see how its like. I have a total of about 17 days in Myanmar & I was already craving the real world. Myanmar is lovely, but it does take some getting used to. I´ve learned to go out early morning/ late afternoon for the best photography lighting. Alright, here we go.

Highlights: Nyaungshwe is pretty quiet & small. Just like elsewhere in Myanmar, the people are just lovely. The canal tour is nice.
Cast of Characters: Anneka & myself. She left a day earlier than I did though.
Logistics/ Links: If you're looking for an English speaking local guide- contact Nyo Nyo. She is at #210, Kanthar Quarter(6), Nyaung Shwe township, Southern Shan state (ph: 081-209422/ 09-49180142); Inle wikitravel
When: I arrived at Inle area around mid-Feb, 2012. Everybody was saying its going to be cold, but it wasn´t so bad. You´ll need a fleece sweater really early in the morning. The early morning start of the Inle lake tour is freezing so a windproof fleece would be even better.
Location: Nyaungshwe/ Inle Lake, Myanmar.
- Overnight bus from Mandalay to Nyaungshwe junction: $15.50. This bus arrives at a ridiculous hour (3-4am). Also, the roads were soo bad & zigzaggy. We all felt sick & disoriented by the end of the bus ride.
- Shared taxi to Nyaungshwe: 8K kyat or about $10. I met Anneka during this bus ride. We were traveling with the German couple. So we divided the taxi cost. We looked at soo many hotels at this ungodly hour & all of them were fully booked. Teakwood ended up having some spare rooms for us.
- Accommodation at Nyaungshwe is about an average of $15 for a single room with private bath. There´s cheaper options I´m sure but they´re all going to be fully booked. So make advanced reservations for Inle. Teakwood is ridiculously expensive! They do have a pretty good breakfast, but still. Do not take their tours also, we were scammed big time.
- Food is about an average of $5 at the restaurants catering to foreign tourists. I ate a very filling meal of freshly grilled tilapia, fruit shake, grilled corn at the market for about $4.
- Boat tours are 15K kyat per BOAT. Gggrrr!!! Teakwood charged us 15K kyat per person! The outrage! I suppose we should have asked around but we were just so used to all other hotels in Myanmar charging normal prices.
Trip Report:  I liked Nyaungshwe/ Inle. I spent 2 days/ 3 nights here I think. In hindsight, I think a day would be enough. Just enough time to do the boat tour. I guess if I left a day earlier I would not have met the lovely locals.
Canal at Nyaungshwe

By the main boat dock

Lovely little kids. They were soo curious.

Lovely family saw me taking photos of the canal & invited me over for breakfast.


Nyo Nyo. She works as a local tour guide. She lives near Joy Hotel. #210 Kanthar quarter (6). Nyaung Shwe township, Southern Shan state. Phone: 09-49180142. She speaks excellent english

Omg. This is sooo good! Got it at some placed called Pancake house or sandwich house. I can´t remember.

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